Ms. Magazine has invited Screwnomics to amplify women’s economic voices on their website!

 The first installment was published on April 5th, 2019!

Screwnomics is an exciting collaboration with author Rickey Gard Diamond, Vermont Woman’s founding editor and a contributing editor today. It is there that Peaco and Rickey launched Screwnomics cartoons in 2014.  It is also where Rickey wrote a series of six articles called An Economy of Our Own, which in 2012 won a National Newspaper Award for in-depth investigative reporting. Even earlier at Vermont College, where Rickey taught writing and literature for more than 20 years, she designed a series of seminars on the economy and the theme of money in literature. 

Peaco found that creating characters and illustrating storylines can help humanize otherwise theoretical matters and add the invaluable element of humor.  When she started working with Rickey on the Screwnomics cartoons: 

I was pretty much as clueless as Suki (one of our cartoon characters).  Working on this project has opened my eyes and taught me how important it is for women to believe in the possibility of true economic equity and learn the ways and means of making that change a reality.  We hope this book and our cartoon feature will support and encourage that aspiration.”


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