Screwnomics makes economics sexy. Yes, it does!  This book and associated cartoons, a collaboration with award-winning author Rickey Gard Diamond, are intended to address the inequities in our economic system, especially where women are concerned, and offer practical yet lighthearted strategies for making change.  And Screwnomics isn’t just about putting more change in the Coach bag but about creating a real, sustainable paradigm shift that will benefit everyone, men included, as well as our beautiful, precious, threatened planet.

The Screwnomics cartoons feature our three main characters: fierce K’Shonda, who is studying economics while she manages her own band; intrepid Jess, a divorced single mother and graphic design student who struggles with issues of child support, unlivable wages and an uneven playing field; and sweet but clueless Suki, wife of junior banking attorney and all-round douchebag Blaise, who has married into money but as she learns about economic realities from her girlfriends begins to realize her life of privilege is more precarious than she thought.  The cartoon introducing the characters is below; additional cartoons and much more about feminist economics and the book can be found on the Screwnomics website (click here).



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