McCancer: A Memoir of Thyroid Cancer chronicles in visual form the journey of the main character Dany as she is diagnosed and then undergoes treatment for thyroid cancer. Dany experiences a range of reactions and emotions familiar to most cancer patients: despair at the diagnosis; confusion and uncertainty about her prognosis; misunderstandings, sometimes hilarious, about the treatment; wry acceptance that the world does indeed continue to turn despite their situation; and finally hope and gratitude.  Thyroid cancer is usually a very treatable disease so McCancer ultimately is that rarity: a feel-good cancer story.

As Dany, who is a research biologist, says: she’s a cancer scientist who got cancer.  This gives her a unique perspective into not just the experience of being a patient (valuable insights for other patients as well as medical personnel and caregivers) but also into the nature of the disease itself.  McCancer is not just a personal narrative; it’s also a valuable resource for scientific and medical information.

The book is in development so if you’d like more information, please contact us through this website.

Below is a sample page, in which Dany describes the emotional turmoil (and misinformation) that chat rooms can engender.